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How to and how not to treat your movers

Employing Moving Experts - June 29, 2019

While millions of Americans move each year, and many will move frequently during their lifetime, it is often unknown how to treat your movers. After all, they are there for hours, handling all of your private possessions, inside both your old and a new home. It is rather understandable that many are confused as to how to, and how not to, treat these professional movers.

We compiled some rules and things to have in mind in dealing with your movers.

Have trust in them

This is of utmost importance. Ideally, you haven’t hired a company you cannot trust. You should never, ever, ever hire a moving company with even something approaching shady going on. When the day comes, you need to be able to have full confidence in their professionalism and work etiquette.

Have trust
Have trust in your hired professionals?

How do you find professional movers, for example, professional local movers Massachusetts? Well, they should have their qualities:

  • Good reviews – you can find such reviews on many of these on various sites and apps, most famous of which is probably Yelp. This will point out how your movers treat their customers. Is it with respect? Do they answer questions quickly and help you with anything you need. Are they on time? etc…
  • Licenseto treat your movers you first have to deal with proper, licensed movers.
  • Good staff – they have to be ready to answer any question you may have.

On the other hand, if you already hired professional movers, we have one very important advice. Let them do their job. They are paid, professionals. Many kind-hearted and well-minded customers will frequently try to help the movers. There is no need. They already accounted for how much people they need. You are needed for other duties that we will discuss further in this article.

Access and distractions

This is your main way to help the movers. Make sure that professionals such as movers Millbury MA can have clear access to your apartment. That means providing parking. Finding the time of day that will not disturb or cross the regular schedule of other residents/neighbors. Check if everything can pass through hallways, elevators, and stairs. Making sure that everything in your apartment is safe. No falling elements, no dangerous items unattended.

Therefore, many movers will agree that, for the customer, the best way to treat your movers is to optimize the conditions in which they do they work, but also not to interfere with their work. As a result of this, they will much appreciate if you do this.

Provide refreshments, not alcohol

A moving day is a stressful day. Therefore, it is only natural that you want to thank your movers by sharing a drink or two. This, however, is not a good idea. They are professionals doing a job that is not always safe. They need to be concentrated. You will most likely not be the last move of the day. Obviously, alcohol is not a good thing to mix with professional moving.

A cold juice is of immense help in the summer days

An acceptable alternative, then? Why yes! Refreshments and some snacks will always be welcomed, especially in prolonged jobs. It will give them a deserved pause and a rest. This is especially important on hot, summer days. Nothing better than some lemonade when the temperature is hight.

Do not tip with things, tip with money

This one is pretty simple. When you are very much satisfied with the service you were provided, you may want to tip the movers. After all, tipping is a proper-American must! But, while many yearn to give a little bonus to the movers, not all do it the right way. Let’s say you just had your movers Northborough MA complete the packing of your things. You come to be very grateful. Therefore, you provide them each with the bottle of your valued scotch, a valuable item or a painting. If you want to treat your movers as they should be treated, do not do this.

A tip
A tip is always appreciated. But the right form is needed.

The reason why is the same one as to why you give your teenage nephew 20$ instead of buying him a shirt: you do not know what kind of a shirt he likes! Same goes for movers. They are paid professionals, first of all, and came to their job expecting payment. A tip should still be monetary. You also have the risk, previously alluded to, of giving them something they do not find needed.

So, take care, and tip with money if able, or not at all if not.

Don’t be unready

Some customers, maybe yourself as well, are in need of additional, special services. Such are provided for heavy instruments, for example.  But can you imagine piano movers Massachusetts doing such a demanding task while trying to go over a giant mess in your living room?

Be prepared
Be prepared – do not let your movers come to your home to this…

Or can you see how would any movers for any task operate in the room as represented by the picture above? It is more often than it should be that the customers are not ready for the movers.  Packings, access, and other necessities were not provided by the user of the services. Always ask of your movers in advance what they need to be able to do their job, and be sure to fulfill it.

Don’t change the plan on the fly

And finally, plans are there for a reason. If you agreed to one, stick to it, except in the case of great emergency

There is a lot of work, especially concerning logistics, that goes into a moving day. Treat your movers well by respecting their time and efforts and making sure not to impede the previously made plan.

Finally, treat your movers with respect

All the things mention has one thing in common. You are required to respect the movers and their knowledge. They will do everything in their power for your moving day to go as smoothly as possible. Treat your movers with respect and faith, and all will go as good as it can.


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