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How often should you clear out your storage unit

Junk removal tips - August 17, 2019

Storage units are underrated. Seriously. In times where space is ever less present and harder to come by, it is a miracle to have a cheap, long-term solution for your storage. Simply go to the storage facility and rent one out. With little luck (and prior research) you will find safe and secure storage just for you and will have a place to store literary anything that you don’t have a place for in your house, even your from-home job! But what about the maintenance of said storage? How often should you clear out your storage unit?

Well, (and we know just how unwelcome this answer is), it depends. Mainly, it depends on the storage itself and on the way you are maintaining it already (and of the stuff you have in there). We will cover all of this in more detail in this article so we invite you too read more!

Why use storage facilities anyway?

But first of all… why? Maybe you are right now decluttering your house (emptying the attics, calling for junk piano removal… the whole show) and you are wondering should you rent out storage room or not? Well, storages definitely provide certain benefits:

  1. Storages offer safety. Yes, it is an unfortunate truth that – wherever you live – you will have people who will covet your possessions. In some areas they are rare, but never the less, there always are some malicious people who will want to steal what is yours. To avoid something like that happening, storage units are a perfect alternative. They offer protection, guarantees and also a place for this valuable object to be other than your house. Therefore, it will not attract such ill-willing people to your home.
  2. Furthermore, there is protection. They protect your items not only from people but from other enemies. Mold, moisture, weather… all the things that can influence them in an attic or a basement. Even rodents and bugs! The whole mark of a good storage facility is that it protects your items from these basic yet evident threats.
  3. And finally – the obvious. They just grant more space! Why clutter your home? Of course, you will still need to clear out your storage unit from time to time.
Why use storage facilities anyway?
It’s like a hard drive – but for things rather than bytes…

Simply have a storage facility take care of storing all that you may need for the future. That ski set? Let it store for the winter. You can then pick it up and store your gardening kit until summer. Clothes that can be given away but only in a few years, when your cousins grow into them? Car parts? Special tools you don’t need to often? Even a job (archive, photo studio, etc)… All of these things can find their room here, in storage.

What about security?

So when you finish up no decluttering your place of living using services like residential junk removal or maybe by doing it yourself (DYI do take time, though) you are now free to store things in your storage. But, how will you know if they are truly cared for there? What if you store them improperly, resulting in damage to your possessions. Well, we are here to help! To know how to keep your items safe you need to know what are the threats.

What about security
Moisture is your greatest enemy

Don’t think of something too fancy. The chances of robbers and thieves trying to break your storage doors are slim. You have much more discreet foes at your hands. First and foremost, there is moisture. Depending on where you live, your climate might be very humid. And, even if it’s considered moderately dry, warm storage will still attract some moisture. Be sure to check on your storage regularly in order to control moisture levels. You can either hire a professional to do so or you can DIY. But, if you are going to do it yourself, we remind automated climate controllers that will say if the moisture levels are above 50% threshold.

Moisture can not only leed to the destruction of items but also to mold. Be sure to check for it and pack everything you can in plastic, as it is moisture resistant.  And, to avoid both problems, always pack items that are already dry. Don’t pack something that is wet. You are only creating a perfect mold-growth environment.

Pests are another issue. Bugs and rodents can be a problem. However, if you pick a sturdy (wood free) storage, these should not be an issue. If you, however, do think that there is a problem with bugs, you should either apply some regular pest control or call upon professional. Either way, make sure to talk to the storage facility manager.

How to clear out your storage unit?

You might now be thinking of how much money will you lose while you clear out your storage unit. Well, actually, you don’t need to calculate the cost of junk removal service. Except if your storage is exceptionally large, you can do regular clearing out yourself.

How to organize
Be organized!

If, however, you are making a large de-cluttering endeavor, hire professionals to save time and possible damage (or even injury). When you get there, be sure to organize yourself. Labels and checklists are your main weapons. Good organization will save time. If you don’t know how to do it, we have some clues.

How to organize?

You don’t need much. All you have to do is a) label your boxes so you always know what’s inside and b) make a good checklist so you don’t mix anything up or forget.

Not too often…

And, finally, if you do this right, stay organized and have storage safe from all ill-effects for your possessions, you will probably have to clean up your storage as much as you use piano movers Massachusettsnot too often…

To sum things up

To conclude – the best way to avoid having to clear out your storage unit too often is to have a good storage unit. Making sure that the facility is safe and secure will help you have low maintenance time consumption. Furthermore, you will find it far easier to actually declutter and clean up if you are organized and label everything. Good luck!

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