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How best to organize your storage unit

Decluttering Tips - August 8, 2019

Everyone is looking for a suitable storing solution. People usually store their stuff in the garage and the attic, or all around the house. But what if you have more than you can handle? It can spiral out of control and you end up with cluttered space instead of a cozy living one. Therefore, lets us check some of the storing solutions, particularly a storage unit. Today we will cover the most important aspect of it, and that is how to organize your storage unit.

Are you looking for the storage unit or you already have one?

You should browse your options before you choose the best storing space for your belongings. These tips can help even if you already own a storage unit. Maybe you want to change into a more comfortable space? Then, start by checking the storage renters online. Compare the prices and the previous customer experience. But most importantly, if your choice possesses all the perks you desire. You should pay special attention to the location of the unit, accessibility, and security. Next would be to give them a call and schedule a visit. Once you are inside your unit, check if all the utilities are working, if pipes and wires are in good shape. Also, do not miss to inspect all the surfaces and walls, to be sure that there is no mold.

Storage units
Find a suitable storage unit. Preferably near your home.

Most people decide to rent storage units while moving into a new apartment or a house. That is the time when you pack and shuffle through everything you own. You will realize that you have many items that have no use, or you use them rarely. Those items are taking a lot of space, gather dust, and it should be either removed or stored over a longer period. And while you are packing for a relocation, pack for your storage unit as well. Instead of doing it all by yourself, consider purchasing the moving services from a reliable moving company. After calculating moving costs Massachusetts, you’ll realize that it will come much cheaper, considering the time you save. A moving company can even provide the storing solution, and transport your belongings to your unit, and new home, all in one go. Give them a call and make it all easier.

Perks that it should possess and how to organize your storage unit

Firstly, you should decide how you are using your storage unit. Maybe you want to make a studio where you can cultivate your hobbies or simple storage for boxes and seasonal items like ski equipment. Whatever is the reason, some things all have in common. The first question is, do you want a simple outdoor storage unit or the one that is a part of a bigger complex. There are outdoor and indoor solutions, and indoor ones have slightly better safety regulations. Basically, they have a guard present 24/7 which will bring peace of mind. Secondly, the location and accessibility. You do not want to drive for hours to reach your storage, especially if you are using it more than once a week. And keep in mind that some units can’t be accessed overnight, so check that option before you rent yours.

Finally, the most important is the size of your unit. No matter how many items you want to store, your unit shouldn’t be a place where you hit your head on a ceiling. Even if they come in small, medium and large, you should consider renting at least medium-sized. You should have enough space for your storage box system and to move freely through your unit. Make a list of perks you desire, and then organize your storage unit.

Good packing is the best way to organize your storage unit

Best way to organize your storage unit is to start with the packing process. Figure out how many items you are storing, and what is their nature and size. Then you will know if you can simply stack boxes or you need proper shelves. In any case, you will need a lot of cardboard boxes. They are the best storing solution that will keep your belongings dry and protected from the light and dust. Keep in mind that heavier boxes go on the bottom, and lighter ones containing fragile items on top. One bad thing about the cardboard box is that they are absorbing the moisture easier, which decays them over time. But worry not, as long as you possess a moisture absorbent, you’ll be fine. Or even better, if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, then you won’t have to think about this topic at all.

Organize your storage unit by labeling everything inside
Whatever you store, pack, label, and organize like a pro.

Also, think about the space you have and how to make most of it. Keep your boxes or plastic containers in a designated area. Best is to stack them in a corner. For frequently used items, use a couple of shelves for easier access. Hanging shelves are the best option for tools and lighter items, and you will use all the wall space this way. And remember to use hangers, chains, and straps, to hang your things off the ceiling. This way, you’ll utilize all the space available, but remember to keep enough to move inside your unit unobstructed.

What about the items you do not need anymore?

Another way to organize your storage unit is to get rid of the items you are hoarding for so long. Understandably that you can’t part from some of the family items that are with you since you were born. But over time, there are so many, that you must give some of it away. Fewer items you have, less cleaning you’ll need. Therefore, browse your options. Firstly, you can gift your items to neighbors, friends, and relatives. Or you can sell some of it online or organize a yard sale. This way you’ll get some money back while someone else is making good use of your items. Finally, there is always an option to donate your stuff. Check out the local shelters and organizations and pay them a visit.

The easiest way to dispose of your unwanted items is to simply throw them away. But keep in mind that some items should be recycled. Some items are hazardous and should be disposed of properly, and not to be thrown into the nearest dumpster. Furthermore, if you have a large amount of those items, check out the cost of junk removal MA. You can get rid of all your junk cheaply and efficiently in no time.

Keep your unit nice and clean

We already mentioned that hygiene begins with the amount of the items you have in your storage. If you have a lot, it will require you to clean regularly. More surface and the variety of items will gather dust, mold, and attract pests and rodents. Hence, it is important to get rid of the old furniture and items you do not need. Why hoarding that chair with the leg broken off for years, when it is much easier to buy a new one. Of course, if it is an antique piece, you should repair it. Otherwise, throw it all away. In case you have a lot of big and bulky items, utilize the dumpster rental MA services. Rent a dumpster and have it all out in a couple of hours.

Cleaning tools
You should maintain your storage unit. Keep it nice and clean.

Do it the same way you are cleaning the attic or a garage. Keep the air moisturizer active, place a few rodent repellants or mouse traps. Whatever you prefer more. Place an air freshener on a timer, and while you are present, let the breeze in to let the stale air out. Fetch a broom and a mop from time to time, and you’ll be just fine. Also, you can check with your renter if they have a maintenance crew, but keep in mind that they will clean only in front of your unit. You must clean inside.

And this is it, now you know the best way how to organize your storage unit, and to keep it clean and useful always. Remember and apply when you start renting the storage unit, or if you already have one, get right to it. May your unit serve you successfully for years to come.

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