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Hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester – tips and hints

Employing Moving Experts - March 19, 2019

Everyone can tell you that moving requires a lot of work. And it makes sense – it’s not every day that you get to pack up your home, put the boxes onto the moving truck and just sail away. However, what a lot of people forget to tell you is just how difficult it can be to find the right local movers in Worcester. A good, professional moving company can make your life so easy. While to take care of paperwork, household chores, and cleaning, they can deal with packing and transportation. On the other hand, unreliable movers will do just the opposite. They can become an extra task you need to handle. This is why finding good moving help is beneficial to any move. But worry not! In this article, we give you some helpful tips and hints on hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester!

Where do I start my search?

Friends talking about hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester.
Start with talking to a friend.

The first thing you might be thinking of is where to start the search. The moving companies aren’t really something you run into on a daily basis, right? And since you re already reading this article, you might be tempted to go along and search for movers online. However, stop doing that for a moment. Although the internet can give you a vast amount of information about Worcester and the nearby area, the best people to ask are those living there.

So, if you have friends or family here, ask them about local movers. Maybe they will be able to give you some recommendation about the moving companies they know – or tell you about the ones you should stay away from. If you are moving for work, it might be even easier! Your boss might already have a move planned for you, so you won’t need to worry about it. Still, asking your friends and coworkers about their moving experiences is never a bad idea. If not recommendations, they can just give you some helpful tips on hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester, as well as the move itself.

Consulting the internet for hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester

A tablet with Google opened up.
Be smart when using the internet.

If your search comes up short, though, then it might be time to look for Worcester movers online. However, you need to use a dose of skepticism when doing this. Even though the internet is such a huge pool of information, not everything you find there is honest or truthful. This is why you should make a list of a dozen moving companies that catch your eye in the Worcester area. After that, you will start thinning this list down to one suitable candidate that you can hire.

The first way to do this will be to visit websites that offer valid information about moving companies. Look into review websites you trust, and what people say about the company. Keep in mind that not every one-star review is a bad thing. Sometimes, you just cannot evade an unsatisfied customer. Just make a point of reading the complaints, and addressing them when talking to the person in charge.

After you have figured out which companies are looked looking further into, it’s time to pick up your phone and start dialing them. A thing to remember here is that, if at any point during hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester something raises a red flag for you, you should address it immediately. If something doesn’t seem right – then there is a chance it is not right.

Schedule an in-house estimate

A calculator and a pen.
Get a calculator and start the estimate.

When calling the moving company, first take note of how professionally they answer the phone. Do they give you a sense of security, or do they seem uninterested? How do they represent themselves? A reliable residential moving company will probably answer the phone with their name – and not something generic. The first impression matter – at least in the business world.

After that, it’s only a matter of time before you schedule an estimate. This is an important thing – you need to have an in-home estimate of your things. Since you are in the business of hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester, you will want to skip on those who offer to make an estimate over the phone. How can anyone know how many things you have just by the number of your rooms?

Once the estimator arrives at your home, take note of how well they behave. Are they thorough with examining your things, or just brushing over them? Make sure you ask them questions about the moving company – and see if they ask questions about what you are planning to take with you. It is pretty common for them to even look into your wardrobes and cabinets. Remember, the more they know, the closer the estimate it will be.

Screen the company further

Finally, when the estimator leaves, you need to have two pieces of information with you. First, you should have the company’s U.S. DOT number (for long-distance move) – or the information about their Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities moving license if you are moving locally. These will help you screen the movers even further by looking into their details online on websites like FMSCA.

The second thing you need to have are references – with their contact information including phone numbers. They will be of great help when finishing up your decision. Make sure you call them and talk to them about their moving process. Ask them about the things they enjoyed and the things they disliked.

The last thing you need to do to finish up hiring reliable moving professionals in Worcester is to gather up everything you found and compare the bids. If there is something that stands out – make sure you check it. For example, if one bid is significantly lower than the rest, there may be some moving costs that a company didn’t tell you about. You will want to evade these. Afterward, all you need to do is pick your moving company and contact them. Only then can your new Worcester adventure begin!

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