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Guide to protect against moving scams

Employing Moving Experts - August 27, 2019

We are never fully prepared for a big event such as home relocation. Even after a couple of moves performed, we can still learn a thing or two. But one thing is certain, once you stumble upon a fraudulent moving company, that knowledge stays forever. But such an unpleasant situation can be avoided, only if we pay attention beforehand. And today, we bring you the guide on how to protect against moving scams. Protect yourself, your family, your belongings, and your business. Let’s cover the steps.

The company you chose should have the license to operate.

To protect against moving scams will ask of you to do thorough research. You’ll have to browse online and compare movers within the moving industry. Start with checking all the basics like if your movers have the official website and a logo of the company. Next would be to check if they have all the contact information listed, along with the physical address you can visit if you like. Give them a call first, and if you have time, pay them a visit. Communicate with your movers and ask all the questions, to be sure that the company you chose is a legit one. Check if they hold all the licenses and permits to operate locally and interstate. And finally, compare prices and services. Eventually, you’ll find the honest moving company and an affordable one at the same time.

Customer satisfaction
Do a background check to find a trustworthy moving company

Here we can help and narrow your search down a bit. Check out the reputable moving companies in Massachusetts. One of the most trusted moving teams in the area. Give them a call today and purchase the safest relocation possible. You won’t regret a thing.

The recommendation will protect against moving scams

Try to find some sort of a recommendation, or a safety net. Then you can be sure that your company is honest. Word of mouth is extremely helpful. But if you can’t find anyone who worked with them in the past, settle with the online reviews. Customer satisfaction section on forums and the company’s website will give you insight into their business. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be only negative or only positive reviews. With this in mind, search for a while, and you’ll find a match soon enough.

Safety standards for protection against moving scams

You shouldn’t forget to check the safety standards under which your movers operate. We all want to move safely and to protect our belongings, our family, and ourselves. The answer to “how safe it can be?” should be provided by your moving representative. Ask them if they have enough workers to tackle your moving project. Also, ask if they have all the tools from the job and a proper moving vehicle. Be completely free and go into details. Ask everything you need to know and if there are any incomplete or squeamish answers, that might be a sign of a scam. Finally, ask if they provide moving insurance and what are the terms and conditions.

A legit moving company will provide free moving quotes

It is hard to say that you are completely sure that your company is legit. Especially if you scheduled everything over the phone. Therefore, ask your movers to come over and evaluate your cargo and to provide the moving quotes Massachusetts. A free onsite estimate is something a legit moving company should provide. If your movers do not offer this service, you might want to double down and re-think your decision. But due to competitivity in the moving industry, almost all legit companies offer such a service. This is an important part of the moving process. This way your movers know how many hours should be invested and how many people are needed for the job. Also, you will know if you need to do something before your movers arrive. Maybe to pack differently, or to get rid of some of the stuff you have, etc.

Meet your movers in person and utilize the free moving quote

Finally, upon checking everything, they will know the complexity of the job and they can make a final offer. You will know your moving costs before you agree to anything. Then, upon checking the offer, you will know if you are getting scammed or not. Remember that you can always reject the offer before signing anything.

Do not buy the service you do not need!

Stay alert while negotiating. These are the moments where you can get scammed easily if not paying attention. Read the final offer several times and pay special attention to the fine small print at the bottom of each document. There you can find a tricky legal trap that can cost you a lot if not spotted beforehand. Your movers have every right to offer you a bunch of services they think you might need. But keep in mind that you can reject anything you do not like. It is the basic negotiation 101.

Although, do not dismiss the proposal straight away. Movers are experienced and if they think that you need a certain service, you should think twice before rejecting. For example, the common thing is that you are not aware of the cargo you have. You might need to declutter and downsize before moving. This way you can lower the moving costs. And in that situation, some of the services can come in handy. Maybe you can rent a storage unit and store away the excess items until later use. Or maybe to utilize commercial junk removal as one of the best ways to clear out the trash in no time. Give it a thought before making a final decision.

Check the services they offer

We will explain a bit further the moving services Worcester MA and how you might benefit from them. There are many different services you can purchase and they may vary. Movers will provide complete packing service, along with unpacking if need be. Also, they will move locally, interstate, or even abroad. Whatever you need, be sure to ask.

If you need special services like piano moving, or maybe to move expensive antique furniture? Piano movers Massachusetts can accommodate such a request. Although, some of the services are expensive. Therefore, be sure to weight the price and gain before buying a service. If you are moving valuables or hazardous items, that can count toward a high-risk task. In that situation, the price can be higher, or your movers can refuse. Keep this option in mind and browse when you need it.

Protect against moving scams by paying upon delivery

It is common to place a deposit once enlisting moving services. It shouldn’t be more than 20% of the overall cost. You should protect against moving scams and ask if it is a refundable deposit. And how much time you have to change your mind. As well as if they will reimburse you if they do not honor their agreement.

Use a credit card to protect against moving scams
A legit moving company will accept only credit card payment. Cash transactions are rare

Keep in mind that most movers charge by the hour. But there is the option to set the fixed price. You will decide what is best for you. If you intend to change something mid-process than you should pay by the hour. But if you are sure that your logistics are good, then calculate all the moving costs and set for a fixed price. This way you won’t have to pay a dollar more, whatever happens meanwhile. Finally, use only credit card payments and pay upon the delivery. A company that refuses such a payment method, is probably a shady one.

These were the basics on how to protect against moving scams. Keep this in mind while searching for a company, and later on when you negotiate the deal. We are sure you will cover everything and keep yourself away from a moving scam. Good luck, and safe journey!

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