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Guide for clearing shattered glass junk

Junk removal tips - June 8, 2019

Clearing shattered glass junk requires an attentive and somewhat knowledgable approach. As locations where the glass broke can differ, we too shall name the most common ways of dealing with the damage. Of course, if the shattered glass junk seems too big for you to handle, do not restrain from calling local junk removal for some help. Do not expose yourself to any unnecessary risk or hazardous situations. Having said that, you should also keep your kids and pets out of the dangerous area. If the little ones are in the place where the glass broke, make sure to get them out. Check them for any cuts and scratches as well.

Shattered glass junk
Clearing shattered glass junk can be very dangerous, so you need to act with caution and undivided attention.

Clearing shattered glass junk from a hard floor

For this kind of situation, you are going to need:

  • protection for yourself: shoes, gardening gloves or tongs
  • disposal items: a broom & dustpan, a vacuum, newspaper
  • fine cleaning elements: thick tape, bread, a lint roller, a flashlight

The process itself

Put on your closed-toe shoes, if you already don’t have them on. Even with them, try not to step into the glass shards, as it can get lodged into the sole of your shoe. Besides being difficult to remove, you can also transfer the glass to another location. Put on your gardening gloves, and use tongs to remove the larger pieces of the glass. You would then proceed to sweep the glass into the dustpan. Make sure to check the soles of your shoes and sweep them as well, for the chance you’ve picked some glass along the way. Before you dispose of the glass, put it inside of a newspaper, so it does not tear the trash bag.

The fine cleaning

Use the tape to pick up any shards you see that did not make it into a dustpan. Pay special attention to grout lines, if you have any. Glass shards simply love to gather in those areas. Another successful method of picking up smaller pieces of glass is pressing down a slice of bread on the area of attention. They shards ought to stick with great ease. You can use a lint roller for the same purpose. In addition, you ought to run it over your gloves and shoes after the cleaning has been done.

When it comes to the vacuum cleaner, you need to be extra mindful. When clearing shattered glass junk, know that bigger pieces can get stuck in the hose, or further down, and damage the vacuum. If you intend on using it, make sure to pick up only the smallest shards, and empty the bag immediately after the use. We suggest that you also consider the other possibility. Wrap the head of the broom with duct tape with the adhesive facing outwards. Swipe the broom under the furniture or appliance, and simply remove the tape afterward. For the last checkup, turn off the light in the room, and use your flashlight to shine on any leftover parts of broken glass. Try to hit various angles, so as to ensure you don’t miss any shards.

A flashlight shining over the floor
Shining a flashlight at various angles over the floor will make the leftover pieces glisten, making it easier for you to spot them.

Clearing shattered glass from carpets

To prepare for this situation, make sure you have

  • protection for yourself: shoes, gardening gloves or tongs
  • disposal items: a vacuum, newspaper
  • fine cleaning elements: thick tape, a lint roller

If there is simply too much glass over and inside of your carpet, consider throwing it away. You don’t want to risk you, your pets, or your kids getting injured. Make sure to call experienced junk removal companies, and avoid the amateurs.

The necessary steps

As you would with the previous situation, put on the protection, such as your closed-toe shoes and gardening gloves. Mind you, oven mitts are not a recommendable alternative. Besides being harder to operate with, you are also exposing your food to contact with the glass. After you’ve taken out all the bigger pieces with the help of tongs, and safely disposed of them in the newspaper and trash bag, proceed to the fine cleaning.

Gently set the tape over the broken glass area and gently remove. If necessary, repeat with a new piece of tape until most, if not all, of the shards are removed. You need to have a gentle approach to this step since grinding the glass into the carpet fibers can make it even harder to remove. Vacuum and empty the bag as soon as you are done. Use your lint roller to clean your items of protection. Wash the tongs thoroughly as well. If the area where the glass broke has your pet’s food and water containers, make sure the empty and check them for any shards. Finish the procedure with turning off the lights, and shining a flashlight at various angles over the floor, so as to identify any shards that have been missed.

A thick ducktape
Try to use a quality thick tape, such as packing tape for this procedure, so as to ensure the best outcome.

A few extra words of advice

  • if you were clearing out a certain area of the items you no longer need when the accident occurred, try your best to clean the glass before the dumpster rental MA services arrive. They will gladly dispose of the redundant items, but it would be rather mindful that you prevent the people providing service from injuring themselves.
  • put on goggles for eye protection before you tackle the broken light bulb that is still in the socket. You would proceed with knocking out the remaining glass before you start cleaning it.
  • if clearing shattered glass junk means reaching under tight areas, such as under the refrigerator or inside garbage disposal, remember to use the tongs, and the broom head wrapped with duck tape. Just make sure to wash the tongs afterward, and wrap the used tape in newspapers.

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