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Get rid of your office clutter – here is how

Decluttering Tips - March 30, 2019

Offices are spaces in which people should feel inspired to do their jobs. Working in a cluttered environment is not going to help your employees and their colleagues let their imagination take over. After all, the end result should be making the best business decisions for the companies they are working for. Unless you get rid of your office clutter, you should not even think about pushing your peers to what you might believe is their maximum. They are probably going to perform below expectations simply because of the chocking sensation that clutter can have on people. Therefore, we can safely say that clutter can be a murderer of ideas in the office space. So, in order to make the most of your business opportunities and in order to have happy employees coming into work every day, find out how to get rid of your office clutter.

Get rid of your office clutter by introducing a clean-desk policy
A clean-desk policy means that after you leave there is nothing else left on the desk that you had been using

How to get rid of your office clutter

Just saying that you are going to get rid of your office clutter is not going to cut it. You need to make the first step in the process and follow through. You may decide to approach this issue by yourself. On the other hand, you may want to seek help from Worcester movers. Whatever you decide to do, you are going to have to take the following measures:

  • Divide office space into working zones
  • Introduce a clean-desk policy
  • Organize your paperwork
  • Clean your drawers and lockers
  • Keep your computer’s desktop tidy

There has to be visible order in an office. If you enter the office and realize that everything is everywhere, then you probably are having a clutter issue. The first step when you want to get rid of your clutter would be to tackle the structure of your office.

Dividing your office space into working zones

Depending on the industry you are in, the outlook of your office may change from what we are about to suggest. This is okay. If you believe that our suggestion cannot be implemented in your office space, all that you need to do is to make your own design. The guidelines are going to be just the same. This is especially easy to implement if you are relocating with the help from office movers Worcester MA. Relocation spells a new beginning. Approach it in that way arrange your office from scratch.

For the beginning, you should divide your office into different designated zones. So, there should be a printing area with the paper material stored close by. Then there should be an archive. There is no need for every employee to keep his documents on his desk, for example.

You should keep on analyzing the needs of your employees and rearranging the office accordingly.

Organize the paperwork in order to get rid of clutter

Introducing a clean-desk policy in your office

A clean-desk policy is a new trend that corporations started introducing a while ago. The general idea behind it is to make more space in order to fit more people in one office. While bringing more people into an office is never hailed as a smart business move, you still can take its good aspect and implement it in your company. The clean-desk policy is one such aspect.

Clean-desk policy means that after an employee has left his desk, he should leave nothing on it. No matter whether he is off on a meeting or going home at the end of the day, the desk should be entirely empty. The good effect of the clean-desk policy is the feeling of space that one gets upon entering it. Therefore, one of the easiest measures that you can take in order to get rid of your office clutter is to introduce a clean-desk policy.

Once the clutter has been removed from the office, make sure to remove it from the building too. Depending on how much there is, you may want to hire professional junk removal services MA.

Organize the paperwork

We have already mentioned that there should be an archive space in the office that you are looking to declutter. Apart from creating an archive, you should come with a way to remove as much paper from the office as possible. Paper is difficult to manage and collects a lot of dust. Therefore, do your best and try to eliminate it from daily use.

A pile of small items
If this is what your office drawer looks like, you need to declutter it

Clean your drawers and lockers

Another thing that you can do in order to get rid of your office clutter is to have everyone clean up their drawers and lockers. These places can become especially cluttered after introducing the clean-desk policy. Many items that used to lay on the desk will now end up in a drawer or a locker. Therefore, clean them up!

After everyone has cleaned their working stations, you may decide to hire dumpster rental MA depending on the size of clutter that needs to be taken away. Better do it all in one go.

Get rid of your office clutter by cleaning your computer as well

This one may come a bit surprising, but it should not. Just taking a brief look at an icon-cluttered desktop can influence a worker’s performance. This is not something that the employer should make you do, but you should do it for your own’s sake. Organize your desktop shortcuts and you will see the difference in your productivity.

Why get rid of your office clutter?

Office clutter can have a strong influence on the business performance, the decision-making process and the overall happiness of your employees. Get rid of your office clutter for the best business performance.

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