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Fraudulent movers – how to recognize them?

Employing Moving Experts - November 24, 2018

Most of us wish to relocate without stress. With the help of a reliable moving company, you will be able to move with ease and without having major relocation issues. However, there are also those fraudulent movers that scam people and hold their belongings hostage. Use our guide and learn to recognize and avoid fraudulent movers from far.

Prepare for moving your home

Moving all of your home belongings to a new residence is a big task. To relocate without difficulty, you should prepare in advance. Good organization is the most important aspect of a successful relocation. The first thing you should consider is to calculate the budget for your relocation. Make sure to list all of the move-related expenses you may have. When you do, you will know how much money you can spare on the moving company’s fees. However, the costs of hiring reliable movers to relocate your belongings may not the only cost you may have to cover.

People in a meeting
People planning a move and discussing the option of fraud.

Other moving costs may include the price of packing supplies you may need to purchase. Also, you may need additional relocation service for moving your high valuable belongings like pianos or pool tables etc. All in all, you should consider the price of your next month’s rent and the deposit you will need to cover when moving into a new residence. Traveling costs for you and your family members may bump the price up too.

Time management plays an important part

After you calculate how much money you can spare on all the relocation costs, it is time to set your moving timeline. Knowing when you will move, how much belongings you will transport will help when choosing the reliable movers Massachusetts for your relocation. On the other hand, when you plan your delivery date in advance, you may be able to finish other tasks related to finding your new home before you schedule your move.

A business planer.
Make sure to plan out your entire course of the move.

Before you start searching for a professional moving company MA, you should consider hiring a professional junk removal Massachusetts company to rid yourself of unnecessary items in your home. This way you will get a better deal and save money on your relocation expenses.

How fraudulent movers operate?

Like in every business there are scam artists in that offer relocation services. These skilled professionals have numerous ways to trick people into giving them valuables. Worse yet, it’s hard for you to detect them, as anyone can build their reputation on social media with The Marketing Heaven and in the end scam you and take your money.Keep in mind, however, that you may not always encounter a fraudulent moving company, but movers that may not be that good at their job. Whatever the situation, those fraudulent movers’ goal is to get as much money as they can from you. Sometimes they may do and say anything to get your belongings and leave without a trance. Other times, they may hold your belongings ransom until you agree to pay a substantial amount of money for their service.

Keep in mind that what fraudulent movers may ask is far more than a realistic price for moving services. In some cases, that may be the largest deposit for a service that costs twice that much. However, that may not always be the case. Sometimes fraudulent movers sell your belongings to the highest bitter.

These situations can get very uncomfortable. Even more than uncomfortable if you don’t have the official written agreement for hiring the moving service. In that case, you cannot make a claim and report these fraudulent movers to authorities. In the end, you end up paying to much money or lose your belongings altogether. That is why you should be extra careful when hiring a moving company and entrust your belongings to anyone. Keep reading and find out how you can sport a scam artist of a fraudulent moving company from far.

Recognize fraudulent movers with ease

Fraudulent movers use numerous tactics to attract and scam people all around the world. However, we can recognize their suspicious behavior in most cases. If you prepare and understand what fraudulent movers usually do, you will be able to find them out before they can cause too much damage. Here are some examples of the most usual things fraudulent movers do and say:

  • Scam artist avoid giving important information. Most reliable movers will provide vital information about the company to its potential clients. Movers will be happy to tell you about the license and the id number of the company. Later you can check the official mover’s database and FMCSA website and find that the company you are researching exists and that is reliable.
  • Fraudulent movers will avoid meeting you in person. Fraudulent moving companies’ representatives will skillfully avoid giving out the official address of the company. In this case, you won’t be able to find their offices when everything goes wrong. They are very vague and make deals over the phone without meeting you in person.
  • Unreliable movers can transport all of your belonging. Keep in mind that every reliable moving company has the list of items they cannot transport by law. Most of the items on the list are dangerous, flammable or require a special license for transport. These forbidden items may include firearms, hazardous materials, perishable foods etc.

Check your movers and avoid a moving scam

There is an easy way to avoid ever dealing with fraudulent moving companies. All you need to do is to take time and do your research. Research the moving companies in your area that have years of experience. After you find few companies that you like, contact them. Ask them for their license information and check everything at the official website.

Moving contract - the perfect test of fraudulent movers.
Always make sure to double check all documents to avoid fraudulent movers.

After you know the moving company you like is reliable, make sure to find out more about their service. In case you are researching a moving company in your area, consider visiting their facilities. Talk to the representatives and ask for the official moving quote Massachusetts. When you get a moving estimate for all the costs for your relocation, you will be able to choose the best option. When checking your future movers, you should also read up on the moving company’s reviews and check the references they provide. This way you will be certain you are not dealing with a fraudulent moving company when signing the official agreement with your movers.

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