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Frequently asked questions

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Here are some of the most common questions we receive from customers.


Do I need to be on the premises during the move?

We do need you as our customer, or your representative, to be there throughout your relocation. You also have a responsibility to perform a final walk-through of the premises. This will help you make sure we have moved all the things we were supposed to relocate.

When and in what way do I pay for your services?

Up until our tools and equipment are loaded back into our truck and the payment is completed - our time runs continuously. You will save both time and money by simply having your credit or debit card ready. You must pay in full before the job ends on the day of the move. We accept cash or credit/debit cards (VISA, MC, Discover, Amex). A 3% convenience fee is added to all credit/debit card payments. Please note that we do not accept checks. The name on the credit card must match the signer’s name as we require a signature on credit/debit card payments.

Do I need to acquire moving or parking permits?

Yes, you do. We expect our customers to be responsible for both moving and parking permits if this is required. Your moving permits might prove to be quite useful as it will guarantee that the moving truck used for your relocation can stay parked close to your doorway. You do know the parking situation in your street the best, so whether or not there is a way to manage to park without a permit is your decision. Please be aware that if the movers do not have a parking space available, your moving clock will be started during their search for parking. We reserve the right for our drivers to park wherever they find suitable in order to provide better quality of services (even in cases when parking is illegal or our driver needs to double park). It is our customer's responsibility to provide payment for any parking tickets or fees that may occur during this process.   

Can I hire you for loading/unloading services alone?

Yes. However, please be aware that in these cases Grunts Move Junk and Moving is not responsible for any damage that might happen during the transport of your items. We are also released of any liability prior to the unloading process and after loading occurs.

How are your services charged?

We offer our customers hourly rates along with a 15 minute-increment charge policy. These rates may vary, as they depend on the size of the crew required to handle your relocation. There are no hidden fees. Our rates include a team of movers, an equipped moving truck, gas, mileage, and tolls. Please be aware of our three-hour minimum charge policy.

When can I expect you to arrive if I am scheduled for an afternoon relocation?

Grunts Move Junk and Moving team of movers reminds its customers that even though we are well-known for our speed and efficiency, there are in fact numerous factors that may affect and delay the time of our arrival. This is why we cannot claim the exact time of our afternoon arrival. We can, however, say that it most commonly happens between noon and five o'clock. We always keep in touch with our customers and as soon as we know the exact arrival time - you can expect to be informed.  

Specific Items

Heavy and Oversized Items

We can relocate your items over 300 lbs. You should, however, be aware that there might be some damage to floor surfaces.


We are not responsible for any damages to plumbing or electrical systems caused by the connection or disconnection of washers and dryers.


The refrigerators and freezers must be empty if you wish for us to move them.

Flat Screen TVs

You are most likely aware of how susceptible to damage flat-screen TVs are. It would be best if you could provide its original packaging to ensure that there's a minimal amount of risk.


We will only move your aquariums if they are empty, both of water and of living creatures.

Drawers and File Cabinets

Please make sure you don't forget to empty all your drawers and file cabinets. 


What measures are taken to protect your customers' belongings?

Grunts Move Junk and Moving will always handle your possessions with care. We have a complete set of moving and protection equipment to make sure your items are taken care of at all times. Blankets, dollies, straps, tools to reassemble your furniture - we've got it all.

Can you get heavy items upstairs and downstairs?

If the staircases don't match the size of your belongings, we provide hoisting as the answer. You just need to make sure your belongings can fit through the window. Also, our team may decide against hoisting certain items due to safety concerns. 


What if my relocation process ends up requiring more activities than planned? 

Should your relocation ask for more work than it has originally been planned, we reserve the right to complete other activities before tackling additional work. 

What happens in cases then your clients have a damage claim?

Our claims department will accept damage claims submitted in writing. Notes about the damages need to be written on the bill of lading before our crew leaves your premises on the day of the move. Although Grunts Move Junk and Moving insists on a full furniture inspection by both our team and customers, the final inspection is the client's responsibility. You are expected to sign a bill of lading upon completion of our services. In order for us to answer any claim, your payment must be made in full. 

What happens if the weather conditions are unsuitable?

We reserve the right to schedule the relocation for another time should there be an event of snow emergency, heavy or freezing rain, and/or weather travel ban.

Does your team have a limit to how long they will work? 

We do limit our working hours to 12 a day.

How many movers can I expect to be working my relocation?

We reserve the right to choose the number of moving team members for each relocation. It depends on various factors, such as weather conditions, our schedule, availability,  etc.

What if I have to cancel my move?

We know very well that plans may sometimes change. However, we do have some limitations when canceling our services is in question.


You can alter or cancel your scheduled moving process, as long as you do it at least 72 hours prior to the arranged activities.

Junk Removal

Which of my items can you haul away?

Grunts Move Junk team of junk removal experts can take away any non-hazardous item that two people can lift.

What We Do Take:

•Wood: Old timber, fencing, firewood.
• Furniture: Couches, sofas, mattresses, sofa beds
• Garage, Shed & Attic Junk: Old tools, tires, boxes, books
• Roofing Items: General scrap, tiles
• Garden Refuse: Branches, trees, bush clippings
• Dirt, Soil & Sod: Yard waste and landscaping refuse
• Construction Materials: Debris & tiling
• Concrete: Crumbling foundations or flooring, broken pathways
• Renovation Refuse: Walls, drywall windows, plasterboard, floorboards

What We DO NOT Take:

• Junk Vehicles
• Asbestos
• Storage and Oil Drums (unless they are empty and have their top and  bottom cut out)
• Oil and Waste Storage Tanks
• Paint
• Chemicals, solvents & Oils
• Red Bricks

Do you own an appropriate license and insurance to do this kind of work?

All of Grunts Move Junk and Moving trucks and movers are fully licensed and insured. Our company is registered and owns all the permits necessary to operate safely.

Can you give me an exact price before you arrive?

The price of our services is based on the type, as well as the volume of the stuff we take. It is only when we see the material that we are able to provide an exact price. Pricing is based on volume and nature of the material. During our appointment, we can review our price range with you - and give you an estimate based on the details you give us. Our team will then verify the pricing upon arrival at the site.

What happens if I am not on-site, can you still do your job?

We expect from our customers to be on-site at the time our trucks arrive. We'll contact you 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. In case you are unable to appear on-site, our team will review pricing on arrival. You will be called for confirmation - we accept over-the-phone credit cards.

Can you do your job after hours?

Please get in touch with us and we can discuss what options are suitable for both you and our company. Although special arrangements can be made, it is unsafe for our drivers to work when it is dark.

What do you do with the junk after you take it?

This mostly depends on what kind of junk you have. Some of your stuff will be taken to the transfer station, while the rest goes to the dump. Naturally, we tend to do our best to recycle as much junk as we possibly can.

Why aren't you able to take away hazardous materials?

Our drivers and our trucks are not licensed to transfer hazardous materials. If you need any further help in this matter, please contact your local recycling or waste management hotline for further assistance.

Can you move my items from one location to another?

Yes, we definitely can. Our company is licensed to carry items in order to relocate them. But, we do not move stuff in our Junk Trucks. The "junk" truck is more often than not dirty inside and not suitable for moving anything other than just junk. Contact us in time and we'll make sure you get a proper truck available.

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