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Downsides of self-moving projects

Moving advice - September 9, 2019

To relocate your home can be time-consuming, expensive, and tiresome. But what if you do it all yourself? Some situations will be easier, and others much harder. It is up to you to balance your resources and organize everything to match your situation. It is possible for sure, but you should know what the downsides are, so you can organize better and avoid unpleasant situations. Therefore, we assembled a simple guide on the downsides of self-moving. Let’s take a look.

Planning is more difficult

Since everything is up to you, it will be much harder to prepare and organize everything. With that in mind, you should start organizing earlier. Start with the moving checklist and list all the steps you must take. You must cover all the legalities and utility bills. Then to transfer your accounts and update your billing address. On the other hand, you won’t escape from the inevitable packing process. You should obtain all the packing materials and moving boxes on time. Furthermore, check the schedule and availability of your friends, family, and coworkers. If you need helping hand, you must notify them on time. In conclusion, the sooner you start preparing the better. Summarizing all the steps you must take will help you stay alert and you’ll have the opportunity to reduce the moving expenses and spend your time more efficiently.

A clock
There are many things to organize. Do it on time.

It is physically hard

If you are young and healthy, you won’t mind carrying boxes and furniture for hours. But if you are not in the shape for such a task, think twice. The whole moving preparation process and all the stages involved will drain you. You must organize all the steps, buy packing materials, pack everything, and load your moving vehicle. It can take days and it will require you to spend time, energy, and money. We recommend asking for some help instead of doing it all by yourself. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one helper that will split the hard labor in half.

Among the downsides of self-moving is that there is a higher risk for damages

We will assume that you are not a professional mover and you probably moved twice in your life. In any case, even with a moving company on your hand, there is a chance for moving mishaps. Even more so, if you are doing everything yourself. One among the downsides of self-moving is definitely the higher risk involved. There are higher chances to drop a box containing fragile items and break something. Furthermore, most of the furniture is heavy and hard to handle, and it might require more than one person to handle. Dropping down a lamp is a small thing but dropping down a TV would hurt you much more. Remember that not only that you must pack all by yourself but carry it as well. Be extra careful while packing glassware for transport, and all those fragile items you possess.

Higher damage risk is one of the downsides of self-moving projects
Higher damage risk is one of the downsides of self-moving projects. Be mindful while packing.

Can you find help on time?

Check with your closest friends and family if someone can help you with everything. You will use some help with the packing process and later with the hard labor. Ask your friends if they can lend a hand, it will help immensely. Although, keep in mind that they might know about moving even less than you. They do not know how you packed, and what are the contents of the boxes. Or they might know how to carry robust items. Therefore, do not assign tasks if you are unsure that they can’t execute them efficiently. You do not want your helpers to bring additional work or damage your cargo. It is all in good faith, but some things are better if you do by yourself.

On the other hand, if your helpers are knowledgeable and you can count on them, then you are the lucky one. They can run to the store and supply with essential packing materials or help you with packing and labeling.

One of the downsides of self-moving is that it is more likely that someone can get hurt

You must educate yourself on the basic steps on how to lift heavy objects safely in order not to hurt your back. Back injury is the most common one while handling heavy objects. People tend to do things themselves and end up seriously damaging their health. Therefore, do not attempt anything unless you are sure that you can do it and that it is safe. Furthermore, if you have helpers with you, think about their safety as well. It is a huge liability if you let them work without supervision. Someone might get hurt, and you end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Safety signs
Be aware of the possible moving injuries. Protect yourself and your helpers.

Do you have a moving vehicle?

We doubt you have a moving truck in your possession, which means you must rent one. Or if you know someone that has one, that is great. It will cost you only a tank full of gas and a couple of drinks to celebrate a successful relocation. But if that is not the case, you must find a proper vehicle for your relocation. Not to mention that you must drive it yourself. You shouldn’t underestimate the fact that you are not a professional truck driver. Also, you must have a license to operate such a vehicle.

Therefore, this is one of the greatest downsides of self-moving. We will recommend that you let the professionals do this task at least. Check out the movers Spencer, as one of the better local options. Give them a call today and rent an adequate vehicle for your relocation, and a driver that will transport your cargo. It is cheap and safe, and it will save you a lot of time and money. Consider this great option.

Maybe to consider hiring a professional moving team?

After calculating all the moving costs, you will realize that it might be better to utilize some of the services the moving companies provide. You must organize, gather all the packing materials and boxes, carry and transport everything yourself. This will easily add up and you might end up paying twice as much. Therefore, check out some of the moving companies and browse through your options. Be sure to schedule free moving quotes Massachusetts, as one of the greatest opportunities to evaluate your situation. Movers will have a better insight into the complexity of your relocation and calculate everything instead of you. Not to mention that you won’t make mistakes like renting a smaller vehicle, or packing improperly, etc.

Although, be careful when searching for a moving company. Like in any business, there are fraudulent companies that promise unrealistic outcomes. You must protect yourself against moving scams by conducting proper research. After settling down with a moving team, check out if they have all the licenses and permits to operate. Also, check if they have a proper moving vehicle, enough workers, and all the tools for the job. Ask everything you think it is relevant and be sure that your movers are legit.

There we go, now you know some of the downsides of self-moving. Depending on your situation, some things can be easier and others more complex. Nevertheless, it won’t be easy that is for sure. Consider hiring additional help, at least for some of the stages. Decide on what you can do yourself, and let the professionals handle the toughest part. Whatever you choose, we wish you the best outcome. Good luck with your moving adventures.

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