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Do you need moving insurance

Pre-Move Activities - November 22, 2018

Moving is a stressful process, it takes time, money and energy. All the resources you need to expand can cause you much stress. And if you do not take care of your things, it might get even worse. After all that effort, you want to be sure your things arrive at the specified location safe and sound. Because if they do not, all the energy you spent will have meant nothing. This is why you need moving insurance.

Even professional movers can damage your things during transport. This is why you should never try to avoid insurance. Knowing the struggle that comes with trying to keep your belongings safe, Grunts Move Junk and Moving has gathered information on the benefits of moving insurance. This way, you can keep your items safe while you move to your new home or office.

What can you do?

Since the relocation of a home or an office is a complex endeavor with many steps it is possible to lose or damage items. When this happens you might panic or get confused. No need for that you need to stay calm since federal laws exist. These laws will protect you from such accidents. What do these laws mean you might ask?

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration makes sure that any moving companies that made such mistakes face consequences. This makes moving companies very careful when they handle your things. The question you really need to ask is how much are you protected really?

Full protection

Full valuation protection is the best protection with the highest cost. Movers will estimate the cost of all the things you insure with this type of insurance. They will pay for the costs of any damage or loss of things. People know this as full valuation since the items are under protection in their full value.

Calculator and piece of paper with calculation of moving insurance.
Full valuation protection is costly but it is better than the regular moving insurance.

This is very costly. But if you try to save on this you take a higher risk which will reduce the compensation you get if your items aren’t in the same state you leave them in, or if they do not arrive at all. It is hard to figure out if you need full protection during the move. Getting moving insurance is one of the most important parts of your relocation.

Assessed value protection

You should use this type of protection of items to the protection of items that do not weigh much but are very expensive. You do this to protect items like expensive jewelry or other important items that have very high cost. People calculate the value of the insurance by the cost of the items rather than the weight.

Jewelry and other valuables.
Assessed value protection is used when the items are extremely expensive.

In these cases of protecting these expensive items, the cost will be a specific amount per 1000 dollars this amount needs to be specified on the bill of the lading of movers. Long story short – if you have a very expensive thing that you need to take care of this moving insurance is the best option for you.

Released value: 60 cents per pound per article

This is one is free. It is bound by law and it comes with the hire of movers. It is not as good as full protection, with the fact that it will give you a far smaller compensation for any damage or loss of belongings. The good thing about the released value is that it doesn’t require you to invest more money than hiring the movers. If you are tight on budget, or you just want to save money for whatever reason you will most likely use this method of protection.

Does homeowner policy cover your things?

This type of moving insurance will protect your interests during the packing of your things. If movers damage your items during packing or other actions pre transit this will protect you. The transit part is the whole point of moving insurance, this is why you need more coverage. This is true because professional movers Massachusetts are very careful not to damage your things while packing ore moving since it is neither in your or their interest to have the things damaged. But there is a much bigger risk during the transit maid services or other preparation of the relocation.

When is the most important to get moving insurance?

You need moving insurance for every move, but for some, you might need it more. You will need insurance for long distance moving. Since you are moving long distance getting new things to replace your lost or broken ones is much harder. In this case, you will also need much more time to adapt your life to your new home. For example, if you move in winter or autumn and you have some items that are become useless after exposure to the bad weather. You should definitely get insurance if you are moving some fragile belongings since the risk of breaking is the highest in this case. This is also true for every expensive item. Since these costs are not easy to cover moving insurance will help you a lot.

Moving insurance can be quite practical with air freight.
Insurance is very important when you move long distance.

Moving can get difficult and stressful. This is especially true when you do not have moving insurance on your belongings. If you forget to get the proper insurance you might have a very big expense if your things get lost. That is why we have gathered information on types of insurance. You do this so you can avoid the risk, stress and other difficulties of relocation so you can enjoy stress-free time with your family. This will also help you to better adapt to your new home.

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