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Common reasons for relocation delays

Pre-Move Activities - October 26, 2019

Relocations, or moving processes, are quite scary beasts for some. If you want to move, there are a lot of hoops to jump through. You will need moving quotes Massachusetts, which are free, you will need packing supplies, potential storage space and so on. And with all of this, your relocation might even get delayed and there are a lot of reasons for relocation delays! How so and what are the reasons, you might ask? Well, there are many problems that might occur but there are some common ones that occur more often than not. And since knowing is half the battle, let us present to you:

Common reasons for relocation delays

Moving delays usually happen when something is not well arranged beforehand (or an act of god) and needs to be improvised on the spot. They can range from short delays to really long delays.

The most common reasons are, in no particular order of importance, the following:

  • Bad weather
  • Inexperienced movers
  • Failure to arrange everything on time
  • Lack of necessary paperwork
  • Mechanical issues
  • Last-minute moving
worried woman
Preparation is the key to the successful move. Organize and make plans in advance!

Bad Weather

Something that might be the greatest delayer of all times is, of course, bad weather. When you are moving to Massachusetts, you really need to pay attention to the weather forecast. Even if you do, there is no absolute guarantee that the exact day you choose for your moving day be as the forecasts predict. Mother nature is fickle and can change her mind in an instant. So, instead of a sunny day, you may get thunderstorms, which will make the moving process impossible or severely delay it.

Obviously, weather forecasts are right most of the time and the best way to make sure that the weather does not delay your move is to pay close attention to them. Just make sure to doublecheck on them from time to time, or to get an app to update you!

Common reasons for relocation delays – Inexperienced Movers

Another one of the reasons for relocation delays is inexperience. Especially so, if your movers are inexperienced. Most of the issues here are in the estimating department. Without experience, you simply can not estimate how long things will take. And then there are potential accidents in packaging and transport and the whole thing compounds even more. The fact of the matter is if you want to avoid potential delays, hire experienced movers such as Grunts Move Junk and Moving.

You may think you are saving some money if you go with movers who are inexperienced but that is actually not the case, most of the time. There is a reason why there is an industry-standard when prices are concerned. And that reason is that it simply costs that much for a good service.

Failure to arrange everything on time

This might seem kind of broad, everything. That is because it is. There are so many things that you need to arrange, in order to move into another place. Failing to recognize that you need to work to get everything in order will inevitably cause delays. Most of the time it is something really simple, such as transferring your gas and electricity to a new place. But we tend to forget.

So make sure that you know what you need to arrange and create a list of tasks for yourself. Then cross the items off the list as you complete them. That is the best way to make sure that everything is arranged properly.

In order to finish everything properly, you should create a checklist as soon as you can.

One of the worst reasons for relocation delays – Lack of necessary paperwork

It is strange how many times this has caused a moving delay. This is perhaps one of the worst reasons for relocation delays. And it might not even be your fault! How is that possible, you ask? You might do everything on time but you simply cannot get those papers in order by the time of the relocation. We’ve all been in a situation where you are missing a single piece of paper. And everything just stops because of that.

Of course, a lot of people do not even know what sort of paperwork they might need and find themselves flabbergasted when someone tells them that they need to have a paper for their parking spot.

And if no paper for the parking spot, your truck cannot park there and the move gets delayed. Not to mention that you will not be able to move into your new home at all if all of the papers that say that you are the new owner are not in order. Certainly, one of the worst headaches to have.

Mechanical Issues

This one mostly concerns you and your vehicle. It is entirely possible that you figure out that your car is not going to be able to transport you to your new home. This will inevitably cause a delay for the car to be repaired. The best way to avoid this particular problem is to visit a mechanic well in advance. However, if you hire a professional moving company, you won’t have problems with the vehicle. Therefore, you should reward your moving crew if you can. You will feel good and movers will have a pleasant working day!

Make sure that your vehicle is in top condition and you will never have any problems nor delays!

moving trucks - highway
Check your vehicle before the moving day.

Last-minute moving

And last-minute for last. Another major reason for the delay is that everything needs to be done in a shorter amount of time. It stands to reason that whenever we absolutely need to plan everything on short notice, that we make mistakes. However, having a good professional moving company by your side will make even this doable and bearable.

The main thing to realize is that you can not panic. Panic never creates anything good and can only further delay your move. You will increase the tension levels of everyone involved if you succumb to panic. It is perfectly understandable, however, and no one will berate you for it too much. Just try to keep a cool head in these situations. Your decisions need to be on point.

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