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Clearing out your storage unit – how and why

Junk removal tips - July 15, 2019

As professionals that are in the cleaning out/decluttering business, we will just say it: clearing out your storage unit will most likely not be easy. It will not be fast. Therefore, most certainly, it will lack enjoyment from your part… for the most part.

When you get to the point that your storage units need to be cleared out, you are either making space for more stuff to be stored (in which case the storage is already full to the brim) or you going to close it down (in which case you need materials approach as literary everything inside needs to be packed).

Simply put – it will not be easy. It will not be enjoyable. However, the feeling of a job well done will surely make it worth it.

Be prepared

This is something of a step zero. A foundation of you endeavor of clearing out of the storage unit. Step zero is to be prepared! Take a realistic approach. You should be aware that this will take some time and effort. Therefore, plan accordingly. If you know that this will no doubt be a lengthy affair, be sure to have a whole day cleared out so you can… well, clear it out. No pun intended.

Be prepared
It can be a hard day, so be prepared!

Of course, if you don’t have all day just for clearing out your storage unit you can always hire a junk removal service. But, if you opted for a DIY solution than you have to have realistic expectations of time needed. Also, do yourself a favor and dress appropriately ass well.

Get clothes that are meant to be worked in and that you will regret in case of a stain or a tear. Have good shoes too, especially if the storage unit is cluttered and there are some nails or other sharp objects like broken glass lying around… Having gloves is also a good idea, and also do some cleaning before you pack and clear out the storage unit. You don’t want to be inhaling all that dust. And trust us, you will be around every single object in there a lot. So, be sure to clean it up.

And, finally, pick up some packaging supplies. You will most certainly need it. You will need.

  • Plastic bags for clothes (those that can be vacuumed are perfect)
  • Cardboard boxes (original boxes for home appliances and other electronic equipment is preferable than the standard box)
  • Cushioning materials (such as crunched paper, foam or bubble wrap)


So, now that you have arrived primed and ready to clear out your storage unit before you get moving you to come to the first step! And that first step is – pen and paper. We know, somewhat anticlimactic, but what you really need to do is organize your storage and the truth is that the best way to be organized is to write stuff down. Preferably in a checklist.

But why? Why would you write down what you own?

How to sort out through all of this? Be organized!

Well, for one, there is a good chance you don’t actually know what you have in there. Sure, you know most of the things. And no doubt, when you find something surprising, seconds later you will remember why you stored it. However, human memory is faulty and you should be sure not to forget anything.

Now, your checklist should categorize the objects into three distinct categories. These are:

  1. Things that you will keep/relocate – in other words, things you estimate that still have value and/or use. We do invite you to be honest in such calculations as there is a hoarder in each and every one of us. But if you are sure that these things surely have value, do keep them. Clearing out your storage unit doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything out…
  2. Things to donate/gift/sell – Things that you do think have to value, just not any value to you, are best given away. You can either donate them to a good cause, gift them to friends and family or sell them for whatever they are worth.
  3. Things to throw away -thins of absolutely no value. This is only cluttered best left to junk removal Westborough MA.

Clearing out your storage unit with professional help

But, what if you don’t have a whole day to spend on a storage cleaning operation? Well, there are people who pride themselves in commercial junk removal that will do the job for you.

Clearing out your storage unit with professional help
Search for best clutter-cleaners for you!

To choose a good company for you, you should consider a few things. First and foremost, their website should be presentable. Secondly, their staff should be eager to answer all and any questions. Prices should be clearly communicated. Staff should look and act professional. They should show up on time and do the job in the amount of time needed. And finally, you should expect fo find some kind of positive reviews.

On your end, you should invest time into making sure that everything in the storage unit is safe. If you have a hobby of collecting sharp medieval swords replicas or particularly large stash of Fourth of July fireworks, give them a heads up…

Storage as an office?

Finally, when clearing out your storage from all kinds of things you got there (you might need some specialized services like junk piano removal by the way) you should also concern if you are going to sell the storage unit or change its purpose.

In case you are lost for ideas on where to place your home business, storage units are a great idea. They are very much useful for the business such as e-sellers, second-hand shops, archives, and photo shooting galleries.

In conclusion

In conclusion, clearing out your storage unit definitely takes time. The only thing you can do about it is making sure that you either have it or that you are ready to pay for it. Either way, a feeling of a cleared out storage unit is surprisingly satisfying. Best of luck!

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