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Clear signs that you need storage

Employing Moving Experts - July 22, 2019

You are struggling with the excess items in your home and you are not sure how to handle the situation. You might be asking yourself, should I throw it all away and finally be free? What if we tell you that you can keep all your belongings. And keep safe and in the same condition for a long time. The solution is to rent a storing facility. Today we will provide the insight on how to behave and which actions to take once you spot clear signs that you need storage. Let’s take a look.

Clear signs that you need storage services

The moment when you’ll realize you have more items than you can accommodate is probably while relocating. Maybe you are moving into a smaller home, or simply you bought more furniture and clothes over the years and never got rid of the old ones? No matter, the situation is real. You have more items than you can handle. Those are clear signs that you need storage. You probably want to keep most of it and decide later what to do with it. And that is why you should consider renting a storage unit. They come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, your options are vast. With a bit of research, we are sure you’ll find the one suitable for your needs.

And while we are on the topic of moving, we have to recommend for you to check some of the moving services. Local moving teams provide all sorts of ways to make your move easier and cheaper. Give it a try.

You should have a packing plan

Keep in mind that all items you wish to relocate or to prepare for storing, you must clean and pack. As we mentioned earlier, this situation might arise during relocation packing. Great, this is a perfect moment to sort everything out. Most of us are hoarding old items and stashing them around the house for all sorts of reasons. It is time to do something about it. Therefore, one of the signs that you need storage is if you are struggling with the size of your cargo. Hence, a proper packing plan is in order.

As soon as you spot the signs that you need storage, start packing
Use small and medium-sized boxes for your storing unit
  • Leave a portion behind – If you are moving into a smaller home, pack only the essentials for everyday use. Old furniture, outgrown clothes, seasonal items, etc. will wait for you in the storage unit. You can always come back and take what you need.
  • Box size – Use medium and small-sized boxes for both storing and moving into a new home. They are easily stackable on each other, and easier to handle overall.
  • Easily breakable items – Fragile items should be always on top and boxes with such content should be labeled “fragile”.
  • Packing materials – Use higher quality packing materials for storing. Your boxes will sit in one place for a while and they should be tucked in and safe.
  • Helping hand – All the items you wish to move or pack should be transported with the utmost care. Therefore, consider hiring a proper moving crew for the job. We would argue that movers Worcester MA are the best choice locally. Your items will never be safer. This is our warm recommendation.

Find the best storage to serve the purpose

Since you realized that you need a storage unit, it is time to find a suitable one. Today, the best and the quickest way is to browse online. Start with the location of the unit. Do you want the unit near your old place or the new? Or maybe you want it somewhere in the middle? Whatever is the case, be sure that your unit is fairly close and easily accessible. This way you can use it regularly and keep it clean and fresh. Then, check out the sizes available, and monthly/yearly fees. The rent also varies from the location, size, and if the unit is outdoor or indoor.

Storage facility
A most important perk of a storage unit is the accessibility

Also, if your unit is equipped with climate control systems, reinforced secured doors, and if there is a guard on the location. All mentioned dictates the price. Once you narrow down your search and figure out the perks you need, you’ll find a match. Furthermore, you can rent the storage unit from the storing or moving company. It is almost the same, and it is up to you what you prefer the most. We found that our customers are mostly satisfied with the residential movers, as they provide the full service. It is much more lucrative to purchase whole service bundle from a single company, rather than to use services of many. Make a choice and find the company that suits you the best.

The perks of your storage unit

People use storage units for all sorts of reasons. Some store seasonal items like Christmas décor, or ski equipment. Others use it to store bikes and motorcycle. Options are endless. But mostly, people store boxes with old items and clothes that they have no use for. Some use their storage units to support their hobbies like pottery, gardening, or painting. Your signs that you need storage might be different. Nevertheless, you are the one who will choose the perks and qualities your unit should possess. While searching for the proper unit, keep in mind a few things. Location is important, then the size, accessibility, security, and most importantly if the unit is climate controlled. You do not want your old family items chewed away by pests and mold. Nor to make it all easier for thieves and other unfortunate events.

Keep it nice and clean

As we mentioned before, storage usually possesses a reinforced door secured with a combination lock. Furthermore, better-equipped storing facilities always have personnel present. Although, what is inside your unit and the condition of it is solely your responsibility. Therefore, try to keep it clean and fresh. The maintenance crew will clean in front of the unit, but the interior is for you to take care of. Firstly, keep fresh air as much as possible. Use air fresheners and air conditioning system. Also, a few rodent repellants will keep the pests away. Keep the humidity levels in check and you’ll be fine. The goal is to avoid mold cultivating, and pests running around unchecked.

Keep your storage unit clean and fresh

As soon as you realize the signs that you need storage, get right on decluttering

Lastly, we will advise that not all items are for storing. Some of it is simply junk, but due to the emotional attachment or some other reasons, we can’t part from it. Most of those items are currently in your attic, garage, backyard, and basement. Take our advise and inspect those areas. We are sure that you will find many items that are useless and ready to be thrashed. Once you inspected everything you’ll have a pile of items that are good to go. Those are mostly hazardous materials, liquids, old plastic, and metal. Check out the cost of junk removal service and give yourself a break.

But if you decide to do it alone, keep in mind that some of the items must be recycled and disposed of in a certain way. If you are unsure, read about it online. Also, if you have too many items to handle, consider the service of a dumpster rental MA. It is the easiest way to dispose of large quantities in one swoop. Lastly, check out your thrash pile before you move it out. Some of the items might have value to others. Consider donating to the community or a local shelter.

Now you know how to act once you spot clear signs that you need storage. Shuffle through your options wisely and find the best storing unit for you. We are sure you’ll be most pleased. Keep your unit clean and accessible and it will accompany you for a long time. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


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