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Best ways to contribute to your moving process

Moving advice - August 4, 2019

Movers do a lot of work. In most cases, not only do they drive your things and carry them around, they have a lot of additional services. They will pack your items. Take special care of heavy furniture, pianos and other extraordinary prized possessions. Movers will also arrange third party services a lot of things intrinsic to logistical planning… Simply said. their job is not easy. However, it is indeed very necessary. Without it, millions of Americans would have to face the very stressful and complex business of moving their lives all over the country and the world alone. It would render comprehensive long-distance moving basically impossible. Those who moved already and chances are that you have, understand that, and often wish to contribute to your moving process. But how should one go about it?

We have made our little list of things you should take care of when you wish to help your movers on the moving day (and immediately predating it).

Movers worth the help

Not all movers are like movers Massachusetts. Some simply don’t deserve the help. Or rather, they don’t deserve the job…

With a lot of need for movers, there are many, oh so many, those who would like to scam you out of a fair move. There are some telltale signs of these scammers that you should be wary of. Any of these should raise flags as red as the stripes! What are those?

  • Unclear communication – The first sign that something is off should be pretty much 30 seconds after they have picked up their phone. Moving is a complex process that requires a lot of coordination to deliver very precious and often expensive possessions who knows how much miles… Having some company that does not care about clear communication do it is just inviting misunderstandings and accidents. They have absolutely nothing to contribute to your moving process.
  • Unprofessional staff – Do the workers seem rather rude and impolite? Do they ignore your requests and seem slopy. Cancel them! They might not be a scam, but a negligent moving company can do just as much damage. It is all of your life on weels after all. You want somebody who knows what they are doing and takes it seriously.
  • Blank agreements – An absolute and unequivocal NO to any, and we do mean any, kind of blank agreements. Doesn’t matter how kind they seem. It matters not if they are generally trustworthy. Moving is a business and business needs to be on paper. Nobody can help you after your things are damaged or some mysterious, previously unmentioned services appear on the surprisingly big bill if you are not protected with an agreement. There are no exceptions!

The good guys

When choosing actually good movers worth your help (and a job) then you should pretty much seek the exact opposite of what we said about the scammers.

Clear communication, both in the form of website design (clearly shows reviews and license) and online/in person. Staff seeks the highest possible levels of professionalism. And, most importantly – clear and fair agreements. No hidden costs. No unclear language and small print.

That is how residential movers or commercial movers, long-distance or local should be!

Ask how to contribute to your moving process

Seems simple but, before anything more is said on the topic – just ask!

Ask how to contribute to your moving process
It seems pretty straight forward, but you should simply ask!

The answer will most likely not be “oh, carry this for us, will you?”. They will ask something they actually need and you will feel good for helping out!


Safety first! While calculating moving costs Massachusetts and clearing up exactly how will you move that piano is a priority right now, if things go wrong and somebody gets hurt, details such as this will seem ridiculously unimportant. Contribute to your moving process by making sure that movers are not hurt.

Might not get this classic, but safety hazards do exist!

You can do this in a few ways. By decluttering as to make access good and floor free. Make sure nothing heavy is unsupported and, finally, just be there and warn them if there is something out of your power (let’s say a wasp nest they should be careful of…)


One of the biggest problems with climate change? The temperature keeps going up each summer. At this point it seems like every other heatwave is outbidding the last one, breaking century-old records. Physical work under such challenging conditions is no easy thing, so why don’t you help your movers out by offering refreshments.

Lemonade and ice – go simple!

Just a simple lemonade with some ice will do wonders for morale and work efficiency. And if you are feeling daring, preparing a meal will do them even better. If you are buying a dring, make sure that you buy something everybody is expected to like and that it is not alcohol. Movers are paid professionals dealing with heavy things. Alcohol is a good way to make sure the chances of injury go up…


One of the easiest ways to help your movers is to make sure that they can access your apartment/condo/house in peace. What do we mean by this? For example, let’s say you are the customer of some movers Grafton MA and you decide that you need to move to another city. Your apartment is 3 floors up, no elevator. What you need to do is make sure that the hallways, door frames, and staircases are big enough to accommodate your big furniture. Like with safety, your apartment should be decluttered. The parking lot should be free for their truck.

This whole thing includes the neighbors. Be sure that you do not disturb their schedule, and by with that make sure that they are not conflicting with yours! You may be leaving but one more day as a good neighbor is a pretty good plus on a moving day!

To conclude

Most important of all is to contribute to your moving process with adequate means. Don’t get in their way by trying to lift stuff yourself, but support them in other ways!

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