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Best way to help your parents relocate

Employing Moving Experts - July 10, 2019

Moving your home is one of the most stressful events in people lives. It is hard for the family members, for your belongings, and the emotional aspect of things is an all-time high. Especially if you grew up or spent most of your life on the current address. And this is twice as harder if you are moving your elders or parents. Whether you are helping or organizing the whole process, you need to cover a few steps before and after the move. Today we will point out a few things you should do to successfully help your parents relocate. Let’s make a relocation plan and begin.

A moving company is highly beneficial

To help your parents relocate, the best thing to do is to find them a reliable moving company. There is a proper moving company for this occasion. Try the local senior movers as they are the best choice. A moving team that is specialized in senior moving will understand how important the whole process is. They value the customer and treat you and your belongings with the utmost respect.

A girl researching on her laptop
Research and find a proper moving company

But before you hire a company, do a bit of research and check them out. Like in any other business, there are scammers and cheaters. You do not need another thing to think about while handling such a delicate task. Therefore, go online and do a bit of research before making a choice. Read a few blogs, forums, and websites. Compare reviews and ratings and narrow your search down. Then make a choice and give your movers a call.

You need to pack everything

Another way to help your parents relocate is to get involved in packing. It depends on the health and age of your parent. If they can do it themselves, ask to participate and help. But if they do not, then you need to organize the whole process and get some help. You can do it with other family members or a friend. Or you can purchase one of the moving services Worcester MA. Moving companies offer a complete service of downsizing and decluttering, along with packing and unpacking. Communicate this with your moving representative before the deal is struck. You will be amazed how affordable this service is, and you won’t have to lift a finger, only to supervise. Make sure that movers are handling your parent’s belongings properly.

Help your parents relocate by handling the items of emotional value

Your grandparents and parents most likely possess a few valuable items. Not only antiques and old pieces that have the monetary value but the emotionally valuable as well. For example, your parents have an old family portrait or a collection of teapots a century old. Those items need special care. A special way of handling, packing and transporting. Also, they need to be secured from other unfortunate events as well. You do not want them to make their way out of your home, never to be seen again. Hence, be careful with this one. Either cover it yourself or place this task in the hands of someone you trust the most.

A full service

What if you are in a situation where you can’t participate physically and your parents can’t relocate themselves? Do not despair, there is a solution. You can purchase a full service from the moving company. They can cover every aspect of the move professionally and yet affordably. Starting with the moving quotes Massachusetts where movers evaluate the complexity of your move and the size of the cargo. This service comes free and this is the best way to determine the size of the truck needed. And how many hours and people will be used in a process.

Two people shaking
Purchase a full relocation package and set your mind at ease

Next, movers will pack and unpack on delivery, using the highest quality of packing supplies and moving boxes. And most important, Senior moving staff is experienced in this kind of relocation. They understand the emotional values and how important all is. Lastly, movers will declutter and get rid of the junk, if there is any. Moving companies usually understand this kind of situation and how important is to execute it perfectly. You can negotiate your deal and obtain a better price since you are buying the full coverage. Remember this and save yourself a few bucks.

Inspecting and securing

It is important to inspect both the old and new address before you start moving. This way you’ll know how many things you must carry over, and what can stay behind. For the things that you are leaving behind, there is a solution. You can rent a storage unit and keep everything until you or your parents need it again. Another solution is to sell, donate, or recycle. And finally, you can throw them away. You can use a dumpster rental MA for this occasion then move it all to a recycling facility. But do not forget to communicate this with your parent’s. They wouldn’t like if you throw away their stuff without asking them.

Help your parents relocate by finding a proper storage unit for their belongings
Find a proper storage unit for your parent’s belongings

Inspecting the new address is imperative since you must know the condition of the environment. This way you’ll know if there is a spot for a moving truck to dock. Also, you should inspect all the doors, windows, handrails, floors, and ceiling. Furthermore, check all the appliances and utilities. Anything that can endanger your elderly loved ones. Make sure that everything is working as intended. Minimize the risks of damaging your parent’s belongings and their health.

To cover all the special needs is the best way to help your parents relocate

If the situation is such that your parent is about to go on assisted living. Consider hiring one of the moving companies that offer the services of a nursing specialist. Or at least pair those two on the day of your move. Do not forget that moving is highly stressful and you can easily forget a thing or two. If you are in need of such services, cover this first. Schedule and book a nursing specialist that will make the company and assist your elders. This will give you the peace of mind so you can focus on other things.

Additionally, remember to pack a personal bag for your parent. Include the spare garment, medicines, and personal items. Keep this bag in your personal vehicle so you can reach for it in no time if need be.

Hiring moving services for this endeavor is highly lucrative. It is always your choice if you’ll book the full package and stay next to your loved one. Or to hire a nursing specialist to do it instead while you cover the packing process, moving, and legalities. Hopefully, we provided enough insight on how to help your parents relocate. Utilize it well, and may your parents have the safest relocation possible. Good luck!

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