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Benefits of using storage while deployed

Decluttering Tips - October 31, 2019

The time for your deployment is upon you. There are many things you must cover before the deployment date. Some of it is regarding your relocation and packing. One of the most important questions is should you use storage while deployed. Storing services can be quite lucrative and affordable at the same time. You must consider the option to have all your items waiting for you when you come back. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide on the perks of the storage services.

Where to begin?

People decide to rent storage units for many reasons. Some are storing seasonal items, and some just need more space for their old clothing. Usually, people are using storage units when relocating, and in your situation, using storage while deployed. The more items you have to relocate, the higher the price of the relocation. And you must think of the safety aspect of it all. You want to find your items exactly where you left them. Therefore, start with a moving company and try to find a proper one. It won’t be too easy, but with proper research, choosing between moving companies shouldn’t be a problem. Go online and find a couple of moving companies, compare their ratings and prices, and in no time, you’ll find your match. Be sure that they have licenses to operate and that they are legit.

Moving company
Research a bit to find a reliable and legit moving company.

Most of the storing facilities are owned by moving companies. Therefore, you must be sure that the one that you choose is fair and honest. Besides that, they need to provide a properly sized storage unit that you can safely use. We will advise you checking the local moving services Worcester MA. Grunts Move Junk and Moving MA is one of the best choices in the area, offering a plethora of moving services to choose from. The professionalism, expertise, and excellence are what you’ll find here.

Declutter and keep tidy storage while deployed

A good organization is required when you are about to embark on such a journey. A proper decluttering and downsizing are in order. Since you’ll be away for a while, you should pack for your storage unit adequately. The best way is not to bring unnecessary items or any junk to your storage and keep it tidy. Therefore, a first step is to shuffle through your stuff, make designated piles and decide what to keep. You can get rid of the unwanted items by gifting, donating, selling, or recycling. But consider enlisting a professional junk removal services. In case you have a lot of things to throw away, this would be the best choice. Especially if you have items and materials that are hazardous and need to be disposed of and recycled professionally.

De-clutter your space
Get rid of your clutter on time. Do not make a mess in your storage unit.

This kind of approach will make you bring fewer items into your storage and with fewer items, maintenance is much easier. Since you can’t visit, you must check if your storing facility has a guard present on site. And a maintenance crew that will clean outside or inside your unit. Or you can always ask a friend or a family member to visit your unit once in a while. Let them know that a simple broom swipe and a fresh air can do wonders for your storage unit’s environment.

Upsides of owning storage while deployed

Owning a storage unit will open many opportunities. We will mention the beneficial factors:

  • Protection – Your items will be safely stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. This will protect your belongings from weather conditions, rodents, pests, and theft.
  • Different storing options – You can use it for common everyday items and furniture. Additionally, the storage unit is a good option to be used as an extension of your garage, or as a place where you can cultivate your hobbies.
  • Security- The safety of your items is most important. That is why most of the storing facilities possess a 24/7 hour surveillance and a security guard on the premises. Your items will be safe behind a key, lock, and the access code.
  • Long-term storage – It is a cost-effective way to store your items over a longer period. Rent is much cheaper if you struck a deal for a year or more. It is much cheaper to store your items than to move them with you.

Different storage units sizes

The size of the storage unit depends on the size of your cargo. How many items and furniture you’ll store in your unit is for you to decide. You should know that there are different sizes of storage units available. From the small ones for boxes only, all the way to the big ones that can house a car. There are also indoor and outdoor possibilities as well as ones we mentioned before, the climate-controlled storage units. Also, there are indoor, outdoor units, storage containers, and storing units that are a part of a much bigger storing complex. Check out with your renter and make a tour, inspect the possibilities and make a choice. We will recommend the climate-controlled one since it is the best way to preserve the original condition of your items. Make sure that you chose the best storage while deployed.

Prepare everything you decided to store

No matter where you go and for how long, one thing is certain. You can’t escape the packing process. It is an inevitable part of each move. And in this case, you must pack for storing and for your deployment. This is why you must cover this part carefully and more thoroughly. Packing for storing is similar to relocation packing, just with higher quality packing materials. Use the cardboard boxes and a blister pack, along with packing tape, and labels. Be sure to tuck in your moving boxes and do not overstuff them. Use the packing tape to seal your moving boxes tight and keep them dust-free. Finally, label everything to raise awareness of the delicate content it holds.

Use the adequate moving boxes for storing while deployed
Find the proper set of cardboard boxes to use inside your storage unit.

But keep in mind that we have a hoarder in each of us. We must stress again that you shouldn’t bring any garbage and junk to your storage unit. Check your old furniture and other belongings twice. Evaluate your cargo again and figure out what you can throw away. The cost of junk removal service is not high, but rather accessible to anyone. Keep this great option in the back of your mind once the time comes.

Now you know the benefits and how to organize your storage while deployed. To sum it up, declutter your stuff, hire a moving company, declutter and get rid of the junk using dumpster rental MA. Then, pack lightly and essentially for easier maintenance, and make sure that you have someone who will visit your storage once in a while. Check all the steps mentioned and put your mind at ease. Good luck with your future endeavors!

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