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Benefits of moving to Worcester MA

Life in Massachusetts - November 28, 2018

Every time you are moving to a new city, you will probably be experiencing the same train of thoughts. You will have a lot of moving questions as well as things you want to learn about the city. What kind of clothes should you pack? What makes the city so special? Will it be hard or easy to move there? Do you need a professional moving company in Worcester? These are only a couple of the questions that might plague you months before the moving day comes. The best way to answer them is by doing thorough research about the city. That is exactly what this article is about. Today, we are giving you a short guide for when you are moving to Worcester MA.

Moving to Worcester MA means moving to a big city

Moving to Worcester MA means you will be living in a big city. If you already did not know, Worcester is the second-largest city in the state of Massachusetts, with the population of the metro area of over 930,000 people. The size of the city means that you have everything at your reach! The downtown and nightlife in the city are amazing, but its neighborhoods are also great for the families! There are also 12 colleges in the area, so students might be drawn here as well!

If you are moving to Worcester MA for work, then you are in luck. The unemployment rate is pretty low, and it keeps dropping. In 2015, it was 6%, while nowadays it is only 4.1%. This is because the research, manufacturing and technology areas of work are booming and developing fast – and in constant need of new talent. With your average annual salary of $52,170, you will easily cover the median monthly rate of $943. If you are looking into buying a home that a professional moving company can take you to, then you should know that the median home price is $232,633.

a beautiful sunset looking into the city of Boston skyline
Are you planning to move to Worcester Massachusetts? You will love to visit Boston which is within a short driving distance.

Another thing that makes Worcester so great is the average commute time. You will spend only 22.9 minutes in your car (on average) getting to your workplace. This is lower than the national average, which makes the city a great place for everyone. Add to that the fact that Boston is also quite nearby, traveling around the metro area is a piece of cake!

Worcester appreciates the arts

Those who enjoy arts should consider moving to Worcester MA because it is an inspiring town. After you are finished with your stress-free move, you can take a stroll down one of the streets and see for yourself! First, the architecture in the city is amazing. The city government is finding the perfect balance between preserving the historic buildings while still developing modern public works projects. It is a mixture that you just need to experience in person.

the outside of a local historical building in Worcester Massachusetts
Do you love to learn about a town’s or city’s history? Worcester Massachusetts has many beautiful historical buildings to see.

But it’s not only the architecture that’s amazing here. After moving to Worcester MA, make sure you see a play at Hanover Theater. This is the second biggest arts center in the whole state, so it’s quite worth the visit. Then, you can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee in one of the many vintage places around the city. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a breakfast joint or an old-fashioned diner, the place is sure to leave you impressed! And if you notice wheels on some of those diners, it is because they kept them there ever since diners because popular in the early 1900s!

The food in Worcester is amazing

And since we already started talking a little about the many places you can grab a meal, we should focus a bit more on the food here. After moving to Worcester MA, you will probably be starving. You are in luck because anywhere you go, you will be able to grab a bite of a fantastic meal!

And even though Worcester is not on the seaside, it knows how to do seafood! If getting Massachusetts crabcakes was on your moving checklist, then you should pay the Sole Proprietor a visit. The establishment is in the top 10 list of the best seafood restaurants in America, as well as the best in the state, according to Worcester Telegram News and Worcester Magazine.

If you want something even fresher, then head down to the historic Canal District. Here, you can find a farmer’s market almost any day of the year. In the market, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods and other local produce. Everything is local, so you know that it will be fresh and safe for your kitchen.

Worcester is surrounded by nature

And if the city living somehow tires you down, Worcester has a solution for you! First, you can go to Lake Quinsigamond. You can either spend an afternoon relaxing by the water, or enjoy one of the many world-class rowing events here! Believe it or not, the lake itself is on the top of the list of rowing venues in the entire United States! Whether you are on the water or just relaxing in the shade, your visit will not be in vain!

a man wearing a life vest calmly rowing on a lake staring into the sunset in Worcester Massachusetts
Have you ever been rowing on a lake? Perhaps this can be your new found hobby. Worcester has gorgeous lakes you take on!

There are even more lakes to visit if you head north of the city. If both the city and the lakes start to bore you somehow, then the Berkshire mountains to the west are sure to stir your heart! You can enjoy the dramatic mountain peaks poking the horizon – just a short trip away from the city. All these quick escapes to nature are yet another one of the reasons why moving to Worcester MA is a great idea.

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