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Bargaining with movers – should you do it?

Employing Moving Experts - November 13, 2019

The moving process can be quite expensive, at times. Depending on how many items you are moving, or how far you are moving, your wallet might be feeling quite a bit lighter. Even if your movers Leicester MA will give you a good price on your move, sometimes you just want to squeeze every last bit of money that you can. However, that is not really that easy as it sounds. Bargaining with movers is not an easy prospect. You need to prepare carefully if you are to drive the best bargain. You start by having a solid plan. Then you hire a reliable moving company. After that, it is time to prepare the bargaining table. Finally, you get to bargain. Sounds a bit long-winded, right? Don’t worry, we will explain everything shortly.

Make A Solid Plan Before You Start Bargaining With Movers

  • Create A List Of Items You Are Planning To Move
  • Make A Moving Budget
  • Find Out The Average Costs
  • Use A Free Estimate Calculator Before You Start Bargaining With Movers

List of items and moving budget

As far as plans go, you start creating this one with the list of items that you want to move. This will give you a solid backbone to your plan and will provide something that you can bargain around. Some of the residential movers will appreciate that you have a concise list of items and might even offer you a discount just for that. The best bargain is an easy bargain, right? Anyway, proceed with making a moving budget. Do not tell your movers the specifics of your moving budget, of course. This budget will help you in negotiations by being absolute. You simply cannot go over it, no matter what the moving company says.

Average costs

After that, you need to set yourself to the task of finding out the average costs for moves of similar size. You can research this in several ways. The best way is to call many moving companies and see how much they charge for a move like that. You will get many different offers, some will be high and some will be low. Be wary of “too good to be true” offers and protect yourself against moving scams. More often than not those are not real offers and will backfire on you.

Call as many moving companies as you can and compare costs.

Bargaining with movers – Free estimate calculator

Finally, after you have figured out what the moves will cost, it is time to really nail it down. Almost every moving company MA has a free estimate calculator on its website, a tool that you will do well to use. It is really easy to use, you just fill in some details and you will get an approximation of the costs for your move. This will serve as an excellent bargaining chip, so make sure to have several of those ready.

Find a Reliable Professional Moving Company

Or two. Or a dozen of them. The fact of the matter is that the more reliable moving companies you have among your contacts, the greater the bargaining power you will have. Additionally, make sure that only the companies that are reputable and reliable make to this shortlist though. You want only the best companies for your move, even if you want to negotiate. The fact of the matter is that by driving some healthy competition, you can get yourself a better price for your move.

Hiring a professional mover is always a great idea!

Bargain With Movers To Get The Right Offer!

  • Request Visual Offer and Arrange In-Home Visit
  • Be Specific and Show Them Everything
  • The Price Is Not The Proof Of Quality – Don’t Forget That!

Getting an offer from a moving company is easy but getting the right offer takes a bit more work. What you should do is request a so-called “visual offer” by arranging the visit to your home. There are some details that you can not express through an online form or through the phone. Visual inspection is the key in these cases. Also, your moving company will have a better understanding of your specific needs. Thus, you will get an offer that is just for you.

Make sure to be as specific as possible when negotiating the move. If you need any special services, or if there are some services that you do not require, make sure that the moving company knows. Make sure that they know exactly what is it that you need and don’t need. If you leave things unspoken or a bit vague, don’t be surprised when you do not get what you wanted. No one is “out to get you” but you need to be as specific as possible.

Finally, what you need to know is that the price is not proof of quality. Do not think that if someone has high prices that they are doing a better job than the rest. In the moving industry, there is a standard of prices and the best moving companies deviate only slightly from it, depending on the move in question.

The Best Ways Of Bargaining With Movers!

  • Ask For Special Offers
  • Compare Several Moving Companies
  • Always Be Flexible
  • Move Fewer Items – Reduce The Moving Costs
  • Want To Bargain With Movers Properly? – Be Persistent!
Bargain properly! Always ask your professional mover for special offers!

You need to always ask if there are any special offers available. Every moving company has some on rotation and you need to take advantage of that. And that is why you need to call as many reputable companies as you can. Also, make sure to compare these companies. Every moving company specializes in something and will offer different prices, depending on your specific needs. However, make sure that you retain some degree of flexibility as your needs might need to be stretched a bit in order for you to get the best price. You can always reduce the moving costs by moving fewer items, though.

Finally, as with most things in life, you need to be persistent when bargaining with movers. Do not be easily swayed from your course, stick to it as much as you can.

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