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A guide to packing bicycles for relocation

Moving advice - November 20, 2019

All bike enthusiasts cherish their two-wheelers and to them, they are so much more than just transport. They give them a strong sense of freedom and joy, and for most, a whole new lifestyle. Regardless if you’re a passionate cyclist, or just use to move around, sooner or later you will move. This means you will have to move the bike as well to a new location. If you are doing a short distance or a local move, it’s easy to strap it to your car rack. However, if you’re embarking on a long trip then your best bet, along with hiring movers Grafton MA, is to prepare it for the move. You can, of course, leave this to the experts as well, but if you want a DIY experience, you need to learn about packing bicycles for relocation.

Our guide will teach you about disassembling, packing and boxing your bicycle for a safe move to your new home. All you need are some basic tools, packing materials, and an hour of time. When looking up moving quotes Massachusetts, you can happily deduct the packing and assembly fees from it. Preparing a bike for moving is so much simpler than you think. Follow these steps and you’ll become an expert in packing bicycles for relocation in no time.

three people riding bike near trees during daytime
Biking is a recreation for some, but a way of life for others

Make a checklist when packing bicycles for relocation

To successfully pull this off, you need to prepare. Now, the amount of materials you will need is not that big, however, it is good to collect them in advance. You can go full DIY and pull together inexpensive packing materials like foam tubing and tape. However, the best place to get everything you need is your local bike shop. Here is a list of items you will need:


There are the basic tools you need when packing bicycles for relocation. Seeing as you already own a bike, you probably already have these since they are vital for any maintenance. If you don’t have them, your best bet is, again, the bike shop.

  • Hex wrenches (3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm)
  • A pair of pliers
  • Torque wrench
  • 15 mm pedal wrench
handy tools for packing bicycles for relocation
You probably already have the required tools, since they are used for basic maintenance

Packing materials

  • 1 cardboard bike box
  • 1 small box, or plastic bag for smaller parts
  • 8 to 10 pieces of foam tube protectors
  • 15+ zip ties
  • 1 front fork protector
  • 4 axle protectors
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper and tape

We recommend you call your bike shop in advance and tell them the size of your bike frame so they can set a box aside for you.

Partially take apart your bike before packing

After cleaning your bicycle a bit, it’s time to take off the delicate parts and pack everything. Start by using the pedal wrench to remove the pedals and set them aside in the box. Proceed with unscrewing the sea, wrap it in some paper and put it in the box with the pedals. Take off any accessories, such as the bike computer, bell, water bottle carrier, or any other attachments you may have on it. Next, take off the handlebars and put the stem bolts back on the frame. Place the handlebars on the floor and isolate them with bubble wrap. Take off the wheels and deflate them. Place them in a separate box, or secure them to the frame with zip ties after you isolated it with foam tubing.

close up shot of a rear bicycle chain
Give extra care to the read derailleur, since it’s the main component of the gear system

Packing bicycles for relocation like a pro

After taking everything apart, the next step in packing bicycles for relocation is to pack and box everything. The first important thing to do is to isolate the rear derailleur. It’s a very delicate part of the bicycle and crucial to its functionality. So, wrap the derailleur and chain with bubble wrap and fix them in place with zip ties. Wrap the entire frame with foam tubing and a layer of bubble wrap to prevent any scratches or dings during transport. Put the whole frame in the box and place the handlebars on top of the bike or resting against the box wall. After all of this is done, your beloved two-wheeler is ready to go into the truck and roll towards your new dream home. We hope this guide helped you through your process of packing bicycles for relocation and saved you valuable time and money.

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