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5 traits of a good neighborhood

Pre-Move Activities - July 13, 2019

If you are thinking about moving and doing it with family on top of everything else, you need to be really careful when it comes to the choice of your neighborhood. Trying to spend as little money as possible is a certain way to end up in a crime-ridden area. Far be it from us to suggest that you need to live in a gated community in order to make a good choice; we are simply saying that there are 5 traits of a good neighborhood you need to be on the lookout for. Whether you are moving to Worcester MA or some other city doesn’t matter – these five traits are pretty universal. And remember – when you are buying a house, you are buying everything that comes with it. Including the neighborhood. So, be very careful and keep your eyes wide open.

A row of houses.
Once you cross off all of these 5 traits of a good neighborhood, feel free to seal the deal.

5 traits of a good neighborhood – the countdown

We would just like to once again repeat the importance of finding a neighborhood with the following traits (coming in a few seconds). Also, these are just the five basic ones, but there are many other qualities to look for in a neighborhood before you hire the finest movers Worcester around to move you to your new dream home.

1. The neighborhood has to be safe

It’s really the top priority for anyone, no matter their lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you are single, settling in with a few roommates or relocating with a family of five – you have to feel completely safe in your home. That’s why you should always look at the crime rates of a neighborhood you are interested in. Look for both violent and non-violent crimes. And remember – you are not looking for a neighborhood with a national average of crimes. You are looking for the one that’s much below it.

2. The neighborhood should be in a good school district

Even if you are not moving with toddlers and school-aged kids, you really want to look for this trait. That’s due to the fact that the neighborhoods which are in good school districts are usually inhabited with families, not delinquents. And that right there makes for a peaceful and nurturing environment.

School buses.
As a parent, your job is to provide your kids with great educational opportunities.

Besides, soon enough, you might want to start a family of your own. When that happens, we bet you’d like to be surrounded by good schools where your kids can get a great education. You’ll be thankful you thought in advance and took a look into the 5 traits of a good neighborhood when the time was right.

3. The neighborhood should be convenient

If you are wondering whether a neighborhood is a good one, just take a look around it. Are there any supermarkets in sight? Perhaps a pharmacy? No? Then move on. A good neighborhood should make life very convenient, which means it should have all the essentials nearby. What are those essentials?

  • Banks
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery stores
  • Bookstores
  • Restaurants
  • Retail services

At the end of a very hard and long day, we are sure the last thing you would want would be to drive half an hour just to have a meal. It might not seem like a big deal to you now, but trust us – that will make your daily almost unbearable. 

4. The neighborhood should have quick access to medical care

You might feel like you are too young to think about sickness, doctors, ERs, and everything even slightly hospital-related. But, you never know when you might come down with the flu (or worse), which is when you’ll want to live near a medical center. This is obviously very important when elderly citizens are relocating, but it’s also of crucial importance for younger generations.

Medicine - quick access to it is one of the 5 traits of a good neighborhood.
If nothing else, you’ll have the safety of knowing that help is just around the corner should you need it.

That being said, the neighborhood doesn’t necessarily have to be located near a huge hospital. Those can’t be seen on every corner. But the neighborhood should have some sort of clinic or a smaller hospital within its boundaries. Trust us – we know what we are talking about, and there’s a good reason this has made the cut for our list of the top 5 traits of a good neighborhood.

5. The neighborhood should look appealing

We all fall in love with what we see. And if you see a neighborhood with unkempt lawns and run-down houses, there will be nothing for you to fall in love with. Likewise, if a neighborhood looks warm and inviting, your first instinct will be to never leave it. That’s exactly what makes a good neighborhood perfect. Looks may not be important in other spheres of life, but we would lie if we were to tell you that they have no importance here. Make no mistake, though – the neighborhood doesn’t have to look luxurious to be good. It just has to look clean and have a pleasant atmosphere. That’s all.

Will you look for the 5 traits of a good neighborhood the next time you are house hunting?

We strongly suggest you do. It will help you in more ways than you can imagine, and it will even add value to your home. Houses in good neighborhoods never stay vacant. They are always in high demand, which is why it will be easy for you to sell your home should you need a change in life. After all, we never know what tomorrow brings and we have to be ready for every possible scenario. If you buy a house in a place that has all the 5 traits of a good neighborhood, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

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